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New Hong Kong Noodle Co., Inc. is a privately and family owned business that has been running its operation in the San Francisco area since 1977. The New Hong Kong Noodle brand has been around in the Northern California for over 40 years and is trusted for ensuring great taste and quality in all the pasta products we manufacture. Through the hard work and years of creative enhancements we have made in our products, we are proud to characterize ourselves in manufacturing authentic and quality pasta goods.

New Hong Kong Noodle Co.

legacy was solely created by England K. Lum in 1977. From the main streets of Broadway in the heart of Chinatown, England had the dream toestablish a business where people in the United States can experience the oriental flavors of Asian pasta. It became evident that back in the 1970’s, Asian style pasta skins that were heavily influenced in Hong Kong and China had not existed here in the Western Region of the United States.

Through dedication and hard work, England soon enough opened up his first store as well as the manufacturing facility in Chinatown. With theincrease in business and product demand, England knew the business has out grown the tiny store front on Broadway. Within the next year, England decided to move his business to Pacific Avenue which was only two blocks from Broadway. For the next 10 years, Pacific Avenue location became the sole store front and manufacturing facility for the New Hong Kong Noodle brand.

In 1984 spurred the expansion of New Hong Kong Noodle to establish a manufacturing facility in South San Francisco. With the limited space for expansion in Chinatown, it was evident that a separate manufacturing facility was appropriate. With the increased growth and demand for our products over the years, we have relocated our sales and production facility to South San Francisco. South San Francisco became the manufacturing facility for all the pasta products New Hong Kong Noodle manufacturers.