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Ready Cooked Noodle

Partially cooked Noodle that is steamed prior to packaging. The texture and thickness of this noodle is a great choice for quick and easy dinner options when timing ...

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Shanghai Noodle

thicker in size in all the noodles we carry. Shanghai noodles are great for chow mein dishes, but a great alternative for soup based dishes. This noodle may seem thi...

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Fresh Egg Noodle

Compared to the Chinese Noodle, Fresh Egg noodles are thinner and smaller. Fresh Egg Noodle is a great noodle for stir frying and chow mein cooking. This noodle can ...

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Chinese Style Noodle

a very common noodle used for a variety of cooking applications to style of cooking. Chow mein, soup base to stir fry, this noodle can do it all. The universal facto...

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